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This is a free weekly newsletter & monthly digest, all distributed by email. The focus is on buy/sell, tests and getting a kick out of something that can be both an investment and a great toy.


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About Motorcycle Investor

Motorcycle Investor magazine looks at the old and new toys you should have in the shed. It could be from a century ago, the roaring twenties, the elegant thirties, World War II hero designs, great post-war bikes, something sexy from the sixties or seventies, or a new release that should ring your bells. We look at the value, the lifestyle and the potential traps. Plus, we spot the up and comers.

About the Editor

Guy 'Guido' Allen is a long-term motorcycle tragic who at any one time has about 15-ish bikes in the shed. They range from Ducati 916, through to assorted old and modern Indians, Triumphs, a hotted-up Hayabusa called Hannibal, a BMW or two, a Blackbird, a TS185 Suzuki two-stroke and even a Sunbeam. Oh, and then there's the sidecar. He's a former Editor of Australian Motorcycle News, Motorcycle Trader magazine (where he remains a columnist and feature writer) and some other bike titles, and is ringmaster at Unique Cars magazine. In his spare time, he flies light aircraft.

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