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Motorcycle Investor magazine

Motorcycle Investor magazine - it's now live!

This is a free weekly newsletter & monthly digest, all distributed by email. The focus is on buy/sell, tests and getting a kick out of something that can be both an investment and a great toy.


Motorcycle Investor magazine looks at the old and new toys you should have in the shed. It could be from a century ago, the roaring twenties, the elegant thirties, World War II hero designs, great post-war bikes, something sexy from the sixties or seventies, or a new release that should ring your bells. We look at the value, the lifestyle and the potential traps. Plus, we spot the up and comers.

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About Motorcycle Investor

It's about having fun and being rewarded financially as well as emotionally.

Motorcycle Investor is produced by AllMoto Publishing, which is an independent operation run by Guy 'Guido' Allen. I've been riding since 1976 and wrote my first (probably questionable) magazine bike review in 1984, for Australian Motorcycle News. I went on to run that mag, and several others over the years.

Thanks in part to sheer good fortune, an understanding partner and friends, I've kept a very live interest in owning and reviewing motorcycles while learning something along the way. Sometimes it's about motorcycles, other times it's about human nature.

These days, I'm fortunate enough own a small fleet of machinery dating from 1947 through to the current century. It's also a changing feast, that includes trail bikes, cruisers, pure sports bikes, an outfit, and a few toys from other genres. The brands so far hail from Japan, Italy, America, the UK and Germany.

Over time, I have learned to mix fun with an eye on the financial return. There's little risk of getting rich on the proceeds, but coming out the other end with most of my wallet intact takes away some stress.

For me, a motorcycle investor is anyone game enough to tip their hard-earned into a motorcycle and enjoy it. The twist here is we do look at investment and emotional return and offer advice on both. There is a proviso: we offer the best tips we can, but ultimately you should see motorcycles as a way to have fun.

Occasionally you can make serious money. However more often than not you can at least safely park it (the money, not the bike!), keep up with inflation and have a hell of a time. There is nevertheless potential for it to go wrong. Bear that in mind and you'll be fine.

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