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1951 Vincent Rapide Series C for sale

vincent for sale

Date: Jan 2016

Make: Vincent

Model: Series C Rapide

Year: 1951

Price: $70,000

ID (reg or ID number): refer

Mileage: 0km

Condition: fresh build

Registered (yes/no): no

Roadworthy supplied (yes/no): yes, if required

Service history: new build.

Seller's description: Matching UFM & RFM new John Whyatt crankcases and V3 crankcase studs new timing cover fitted with all new spindles and mains, Maughan oil pump and big-end, flywheels and all machine work by LR Binns, new barrels and muffs fitted with J.P (USA) forged pistons. New ESA cam and springs, primary chain & tensioner new ATD and overhauled Lucas magneto. Cylinder heads overhauled with new hard seats and Black Diamond valves, new rocker pins and rocker bearings, ET100MOD locking feed bolts, new Vincent rocker inspection caps, oil filter chamber caps, seal on D/Side main bearing, steel large idler, Gary Robinson Mk1cams, new valve lifter mechanism, all new k/starter mechanism including forged arm, new oil lines.
New alloy guards, new stays, rear stand and chain guard new alloy guard hinges, Battery carrier and strap, Boyer 12V regulator, new pillion footrests and plates and rear brake pedal, New Feridax seat & tool tray, new brake plates drums, arms & shoes/brake cams and all cables, new handlebars and Doherty levers, overhauled Smiths Chronometric speedo, new wiring harness, complete Miller steel headlight with new stays and ammeter, switches new rear number plate bracket and rear stand new Ewarts fuel taps and new fuel lines, new fork spindles, and bushes, new muffler, engine pipes and nuts, new frame studs, Ikon shockers. Heaps more.

Contact: Phil tel 61 3 9499 6428

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